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Additional Resources

LBDA Publications for Healthcare Professionals

NEW :  Diagnosing and Managing Lewy Body Dementia  - An expansive look at clinical managment strategies for LBD, covering the Lewy body spectrum, symptoms, treatments, what medications to avoid, guidance for discussing the diagnosis, prognosis and progression, and the impact of LBD on the family caregiver. 

Professional Brief: New DLB Diagnostic CriteriaThis at-a-glance resource provides an update to healthcare professionals on the new 2017 diagnostic criteria for dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB).

Diagnostic Symptoms Checklist - A simple tool to help patients, caregivers and healthcare providers quickly and easily identify symptoms that are required for diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB).

Comprehensive Symptoms Checklist - A useful checklist to help people diagnosed with LBD or their caregivers report new or concerning LBD symptoms to their physician.

Caregiver Burden White PaperThis white paper examines the experience of hundreds of LBD caregivers seeking medical care for LBD and the psychosocial impact of being an LBD caregiver.

Understanding Behavioral Challenges in DementiaAnticipating behavioral changes in dementia and understanding the causes helps caregivers deal with them more effectively.  This is a must-read for family caregivers. 

Emergency Room Treatment of Psychosis - Guidance from LBD experts on the treatment of psychosis in the E.R., including key considerations to take BEFORE treating behavioral disturbances in LBD.